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Digital Echo sounder HD380 Dual Frequency

Kategori Echo Sounder
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KodeDigital Echo sounder HD380 Dual Frequency
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Digital Hydrographic Echo Sounder HD 370

Hi-Target Digital Hydrographic Echo Sounders
Key Features:

High accuracy data
—Latest new design TVG curves provide perfect gain control for sonar transmission attenuation.
—-Advanced bottom digitizing capabilities and pulse width selection technology ensure the accuracy
—Up to 30Hz ping rate to improve measurement efficiency
—Small size, light and potable, easy for installation
— High quality ABS+ Synthetic PC material main frame, specially design for harsh conditions, shock resistance, waterproof, dustproof
—Embedded stable Windows XP OS, stable running for all whole day
—Adopt “Rapid restore mapping ” technology for OS not infected by virus
—Dual storage disk, dual system protection, friendly one key recovery
—Auto gear switch and manually gear switch selectable for more convenient display depth values
—Digital high resolution imaging processing technology PC-based system to display and record, easy to replay and print
—Sunlight viewable and high brightness color LCD, real time display graphic and data
—AC/DC power input
—Equipped with data collection, navigation application and post processing software, supports any brand GPS, attitude instruments, surge compensators with standard international format, compatible
with HYPACK software

Onboard Software
Hi-Target professional three-in-one functions hydrographic software includes depth sounding & positioning as well as post processing functions. With user-friendly interface, integrated sound velocity correction, auto gain control, adjustment for transmission power/pulse width/signal gate etc. features, it is ready to make you transit from traditional thermal paper records experience to all digital data acquisition systems with paperless and user-friendly.

1. Automatic measurement operation design, it always ready for measuring when power on if you pre-setting up the parameters. Depth data value is intuitively displayed by graphic, Echogram is saved in digital encrypted files, convenient for long-term storage, replay, inquiry and print your valuable data.

2. With abundant coordinates system in the data library, it is available for you to select the suitable local coordinate system in your country, and you can create a new coordinate system and save it in the coordinate system library easily. The coordinate system resource files are fully interchangeable for all other software from Hi-Target, such as Hi-RTK software, H-Target Geomatics Office software etc.

3. Flexible to import other DXF format charts and data, it will be more convenient for users to edit the designed professional tracking chart in advance in AutoCAD and then import the tracking chart to the echo sounder software.

4. With easy-to-use operation post-processing software, which the process is very convenient (you just need to operate the software according to the left items from top to bottom). It will definitely provide you a confident accurate solution after main core technology post processing.

Ideal for fairway, coastland depth measurement; reservoir, river, lake, freshwater depth measurement; dredging engineering measurement, ocean surveying, and marine construction engineering surveying.


Digital Echo sounder HD370
Single Frequency
Dual Frequency
Frequency 200 KHZ High: 100-750KHZ(Adjustable)
Low: 10-50KHZ(Adjustable)
Transmission Power 500W (200KHZ transducer) 500W (200KHZ High frequency band )
1000W (20KHZ Low frequency band)
Bathymetric Range 0.3m-600m 0.3m-600m (High frequency);
0.3m-2000m (Low frequency)
Depth Resolution 0.1ft/0.01m 0.1ft/0.01m
Acucracy ±0.01m+0.1% of h( depth value) ±0.01m+0.1% of h( depth value)
Ping rate Up to 30Hz Up to 30Hz
Beam Angle
Draft Range 0.0m~15m 0.0m~15m
Adjustment Range of Sound Velocity 1370~1700m/s,resolution 1m/s
CPU Industrial embedded high speed low power consumption 1.6GHZ CPU
Internal Memory 1G
Memory capacity 4G high speed CF card (can be expansion by customization)
LCD Display 12 inches, resolution 1024X768, 1000cd/ m2 12 inches, resolution 1024X768,
1000cd/ m2
I/O interface 2×RS-232 ports, 3×USB ports, 1×DC power port, 2×TX ports (for transducer) 2×RS-232 ports, 3×USB ports, 1×DC power port, 2×TX ports (for transducer)
Power Supply DC 9~36V / AC 220V DC 9~36V / AC 220V
Power Consumption 20W 20W
Environmental Operation Temperature -30°C~60°C, non-condensing -30°C~60°C, non-condensing
Dimension 440mmL X 341mmW X 164mmH 440mmL X 341mmW X 164mmH
Weight 9kg 9kg


Hi-Target GPS K3

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KodeHi-Target GPS K3
Nama BarangHi-Target GPS K3
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Digital Echo sounder HD370 Single F

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KodeDigital Hydrographic Echo Sounder HD 370
Nama BarangDigital Echo sounder HD370 Single Frequency
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